domingo, 10 de abril de 2011


Mothers’ Day Gift ‘A box filled with love’. After showing the children a special wrapped box (mini smartie box) tied with ribbon we say that there is something very special inside. Can they guess? There is a poem attached – You never can unwrap it. Please leave the ribbon tied. Just hold the box close to you, It’s filled with love inside. Bring out the filled smartie boxes & shake. Oh dear there is a problem – they should be empty! What shall we do? (love their reactions). After eating the contents they put their ‘love’ inside the empty box (again this is lovely to see – some blow inside, others take handfuls of ‘fresh air’ out of their mouths). Quickly close the box & wrap. We’ve found that pre-cut adhesive ‘wrappers’ are best. We were lucky enough to be given iridescent silvery sticky backed paper which was ideal as the children ‘rolled’ their boxes over the paper & it stuck. We used the ribbon that comes with the bows you find at Christmas. Attach the poem.
If you want lots of ideas to use with your students at any level click here.

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